Good day everyone, MrRedstone9000 here and welcome back to..

–MrRedstone9000, Video Introductory Sentence


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Genre: Gaming
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Date Joined: 19 June 2015
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MrRedstone9000 is a gaming commentator on YouTube. He posts videos every day on the schedule with a growing amount of game footage. He has over 100 subscribers on the channel now, which is a big milestone! The channel has been around since 19th June 2014. MrRed contributes along with Jarrah_tree in the Wood and Dust series (see table at page bottom).

MrRedstone9000 designed his logo with the SF Slapstick Comic font with a stroke (outline) of red and a nice gradient background. This has been his logo since May 31 2015. It was made in Adobe® Photoshop CC 2015.

MrRedstone9000 is the founder and creator of this wiki community.

YouTube Life

Since MrRedstone9000 joined, he first started to post up Minecraft videos, and only Minecraft. And on one video, he posted Team Fortress 2 as his first other-game video. Now he has moved further into the world of entertainment and is trying to capture many different games including the overpriced ones. The series has finally moved on from "MrRed Plays" and stuff like that but instead just moved to playing normal games like he first did. In a sort of way: "GAME TITLE | caption". Yay! He recently purchased an Elgato Game Capture HD for console recordings. (As now featured on some Wood and Dust episodes).


Red played about 8 hours or more of Minecraft per day in 2014. That is why he loved and played it too often! However, he still plays it as a little hobby in the background of things. He started off using his built-in-microphone on the MacBook Pro. Since the "MrRed Plays" and "Wood and Dust" series have begun, he has moved upon to a new setup with a great microphone that is clear and crisp. MrRedstone9000 recently purchased the Razer® Deathstalker keyboard and Razer® Deathadder Chroma Mouse. This really added to his setup.

Games MrRedstone9000's Played

  • Minecraft
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Bus Driver
  • Ace of Spades
  • Happy Wheels
  • Rome: Total War Gold Edition
  • The Impossible Quiz 1
  • Cubefield
  • Splatoon!™
  • Super Smash Bros 4
The following table shows the games and series' MrRedstone9000 has played or participated in.
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Team Fortress 2

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Online (CS:GO)

Minecraft Build Battle

Wood and Dust

Minecraft PvP

MrRed News


Splatoon Multiplayer

Happy Wheels

Ace of Spades Zombie

MrRed Plays

MrRed Replays

MrRed Continues