Adding Infoboxes is a confusing and challenging task that requires some CSS knowledge. It is not hard if you follow along this tutorial.

What is an infobox?

The Infobox is the box on the side of most wiki's giving information on the character or human individually. This is why it is called an infobox. The infobox example is to the right.


Follow these steps:

  1. Create an article. (Top right > contribute > add page)
  2. Before anything that you type, go to Insert > Template
  3. Search a phrase below and choose the desired type.
  4. Edit the details.
  5. Write an article!

Adding Images

First, all infoboxes on this wiki require image references. In that case you will need to add an image:

  1. Go to Special:Upload (click)
  2. Upload the SQUARE image (800x800px)
  3. Do not change the destination filename.
  4. Save changes on the new article.
  5. Refresh the page.
  6. Open the article editor > click on the infobox > in the image type in <filename>.<extension>

Extensions are .png .jpeg .jpg etc. We recommend using .png for all uploads

(ALL IMAGES MUST BE 800x800 pixels)

Search Phrases for Infoboxes

  • Userbox - Displays User Information
  • Gameinfobox - Infobox for Games