About Autism Edit

Autism is something that that MrRedston9000 and Jarrah Tree both have. So pls no bully them.

To join Autistic Nation partner network, you must accept the terms and requirements below:

  • Be Autistic like jarrah
  • Play minecraft 24/7
  • Must make Minecraft mod reviews DAILY

The second list is the BENEFITS of joining Autistic Nation

  • You CANNOT leave the contract once you sign
  • You must remove your foreskin in the name of the Jarrah gods
  • 100% of all revenue goes to Jarrah and his anime body pillow collection
  • You must suck the tiny Jarrah wiener upon entrance to Autistic Nation
  • Once you sign the contract, Jarrah Tree has FULL ownership of you. You are his slave.
  • You must get a tattoo of the Jarrah Tree youtube channel logo on your forehead.

Lastly, join Autistic Nation and become a terrible creator: