This is a quote!

–This is the user that quoted it., This is where the quote is from.


First off, articles are pages of information on a wiki created to inform the reading user about what they are reading. Since most wikis are "anyone can edit" we keep a highly moderated session on this wiki and make sure no inappropriate content goes rolling off.

Lets start shall we?

The Steps

Step 1:

  • Create an article. This can be done from the top right corner and clicking "Contribute > Add Page"
  • Name the page easy-to-find via direct URL search, and also make something relevant to your information you are about to provide to the world. The world.

Step 2:

  • Understand Userboxes, Quotes, Seriestables, and Seriesboxes.


The "Userbox" on a wiki article is the box on the right side of the article that poses information about the user or series. Presented with an image, and information. As seen on MrRedstone9000's wiki page.

Add these by going to:

Insert > Template > Search "Userbox". DO NOT FILL IN THE "IMAGE WIDTH".


Quotes are easy to understand. They are three lines of text for input and no coding required. Please put these at the top of the page.

This is a quote!

–User, where it is from..

Add these by going to:

Insert > Template > Search "Quote". THE THIRD LINE DOES NOT MATTER AT ALL.


Seriesboxes are simple to userboxes. As a matter of fact, there is no more to explain about seriesboxes. It is right in the Infobox section!

Add these by going to:

Insert > Template > Search "Seriesbox". LEAVE THE LAST LINE ALONE.


The seriestable is a table that defines active/paused/or closed series done by a YouTube channel on this wiki. All tables must be at the BOTTOM of each page, not middle or top, bottom.

Add these by going to:

Insert > Template > Search "Series" and find Seriestable. IF YOU HAVE NO SERIES, DO NOT LEAVE BLANK. Type "None". Please do 1 line space when doing a table. EG:

"List item1"


"List item 2"

Step 3:

Successfully write your article!

Most importantly, click that PUBLISH button! :D